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Arcade (Boxing) Ahri

Drawn 18 September 2020

A kitsune with short, purple hair; 9 cyan, purple, and magenta tails; and cyan eyes wearing cyan boxing gloves, an off-white sports bra, and black trunks with a blue waist with a yellow star in a green trapezoid on it is depicted reaching out as if grabbing the top of the viewer's head her right hand while readying a punch with her left hand. A text bubble for her is present with the text "I gotta say...I wasn't expecting you to be quite this pathetic." The word pathetic is italicized and underlined. Along the top of the image is a user interface reminicent of those in fighting games. The left health bar is labelled You and the right health bar is labelled Ahri. Your health bar is red and almost empty. Ahri's is green and almost full. Underneath the health bars on the outside of the screen are stamina bars. Yours is empty. Ahri's is almost full. Towards the center under the health bars are knockdown indicators showing you've taken 2 knockdowns this round, while Ahri's taken none. In the center is the clock and round, showing there are 92 seconds left in round 2. Under the clock is an indicator of the judge's score with the score currently 10-7 in Ahri's favor. Finally, under the text YOU is the text STUNNED in red all-caps. Next to it is an indication to mash buttons to break out of it.

Alternate Title: Why Trying to Fight a Kitsune is Generally a Bad Idea

For a while, I've wanted a decent (nude) model of Ahri for use in SFM, but, unfortunately, I haven't managed to find anything. So, wanting an image like this with Ahri, I went back to what I knew: drawing. And, thus, this image was born, in which Arcade Ahri, having beaten the absolute shit out of you (just read any of these "you"s as me, because I drew this out of horny masochism), taunts you one last time before putting you to sleep.


Drawn July 2020

A blue and grey vixen baring their teeth while pointing to them.

Can you believe this became a thing because some idiot thought it was a thing? It's beautiful.

So, yeah. Socialist teeth. Do you like them? They're nice and bitey.

T. Fucking. Pose.

Drawn May 2020

A blue and grey vixen smiling and holding up double peace signs while wearing a t-shirt of her t-posing while wearing a shirt of her t-posing.

Based off of this toot by Srol. You can blame him for this. Sure, I drew it, but it's all his fault.

Alternate title: Tee-pose

It's my turn.

Drawn February 2020

A pale foxgirl with mint-ish hair wearing boxing gear leaning on the ropes of a boxing ring and wiping blood off her face.

When you last saw Lorelai, she was a pathetic excuse of a boxer. Her skills were mediocre at best, but worse was the fact that she looked like she belonged in a hospital, not in the ring fighting in front of thousands. Persistent as she may have been, it didn't take much to put her anorexic ass down for the count.

This time, though, was different. Of course she'd gotten better. Given three years, you'd hoped she'd gotten better. But she also changed physically. Gone was the Lorelai who looked too anorexic to even hope to fight. This time, she'd bulked up. Not to mention the change of hairstyle. And her affect. Last time, she smiled the whole time, even as she took blow after blow. You sill remember the smirk as she got up from her fifth knockdown and, with more confidence than she had any right to have, simply said, "My turn~..." This time, the smile had been replaced by a grim look. The look of someone here for revenge.

The first few rounds seemed easy enough. By the fourth round, you'd already opened a cut on her left eye and started to swell the right one shut. But, as you watched the foxgirl rise from her fifth knockdown and wipe the blood from her face, an ominous chill ran down your spine. The look on her face, the way she stared you sent the message loud and clear.

"You've had your fun. But now? It's my turn.


A few years back, I drew a boxing foxgirl. My grasp of anatomy was poor, and in hindsight, she looks horribly anorexic. Hardly fit to fight. Despite that, she carried a strong air of confidence. Though she had a black eye and a bloody nose, she was still smirking with a look that said "My turn~" (or, at least, that was the hope). Fast forward, and I decided to give her another piece. My grasp of anatomy may not be excellent, but it's much better than it was, and it shows. Were you to compare that image (later on down this page) to this one, you can see the improvement. I also changed her demeanor a bit. No longer the smiling, cocky foxgirl she was, she's now gotten serious. She's got one goal and one goal only: knock. you. out.

Also, I went for a more futuristic ring, because why not? Laser barriers ftw.

Combat fox

Drawn Jul 2019

A blue and grey vixen looking at the camera, wearing MMA gear, and holding up her hands in a faux guard.

Not many folx IRL know this about me, but I really like combat sports, in particular MMA and kickboxing. I've wanted to take one of those up for a while (for more than just exercise), but between the effort it'd take, the brain damage I'd take, and the money a gym membership would take, I never have. I drew this to commorate this small fact about me.

Kicking a fĂștbol

Drawn June 2019

A blue and grex vixen wearing soccer gear about to kick a soccer ball

I had recently bought a football on a whim and started playing with it. I really enjoyed it and decided to draw Aura playing around with a football herself.


Drawn March 2019

A blue and grey vixen holding a bixexual pride flag and wearing a intersex pride flag bandana and a anarcho-communist flag t-shirt

A pride avatar I drew back in 2019. The bisexual flag should be self-explanatory. The flag on the shirt was supposed to be the anarcho-syndicalist flag, but I think I accidentally got the ancom flag on accident (which is fine given the fact I'm now an ancom). The bandana was supposed to be the bigender flag, but I'm pretty sure it's actually an intersex pride flag, which is unfortunate because I'm not intersex.

Fine, You Win~

Drawn March 2019

A mint coloured vixen with brown hair being held by a lavender and white wolfess. Both are wearing MMA gear and are cut and bruised. The fox is looking back towards the wolf and sticking her tongue out playfully.

It seems Kaylee and Cora found themselves pitted against each other, and Cora came out on top. Ah, well. I'm sure she'll make up for the damage done somehow...

Winter Stroll

Drawn March 2019

A blue and grey vixen holding up a peace sign. She's wearing winter clothes and walking through a snowy urban landscape.

We, sadly, didn't get any snow the winter this was drawn. But, I wanted to draw Aura on a lovely stroll through the snow, so here it is.

Beaten, but not quite broken

Drawn March 2019, originally sketched February 2019

A (male) blue and grey fox leaning against a wall. He's got two black eyes and is bleeding from multiple lacerations to the face. He's saying Heh. That all ya got?

"What? You think you've won?"

"Not yet. But do you really think you can beat me?"

"Heh. Watch me, ya bastard."

"Look at yourself–"

"Yeah, what about me?"


"What's wrong? Scared?"

"Hmph...Fine. Have it your way."

Aura knew he was in for a tough fight. He'd already been continually beaten down. The fact that he kept getting up was a miracle more than anything. But he knew he had to keep fighting. His foe had nothing to lose: whether he won or lost, he'd die anyways by the time this fight was over. But for Aura, it was a matter of life and death. And, so, despite the cuts, despite the bruises, despite the pounding headache and the likely concussion, he stood up once more. He'd prop himself up in the corner if he had to, but he wasn't going down without a fight

He was going to win. He had to win.

Not just for himself, but for everyone he loved.

"Well, then! Bring it the fuck on!

My turn~!

Drawn prior to 2019

A pale foxgirl with mint-ish hair. She's wearing boxing gear and holding up a weak guard. She's got a black eye and a bloody nose and is smirking.

A piece I drew a few years back based off of this pixel art piece I'd done:

A pixel art piece of a foxgirl with mint-ish hair wearing boxing gear and holding up a guard.

Unfortunately, in the jump from pixel art to drawing, the anatomy got much worse. She looks pretty anorexic here. By the way, notice that super harsh perspective? Yeesh. Like, it's done right, but has the focus points in waaaay too close.

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