Aura's Den

Looking for me elsewhere? Lonely? Want to commission me? Down to spar*? I'm available on multiple platforms:

*I'm down to spar, but only under three conditions:

  1. You aren't a professional boxer, kickboxer, or MMA fighter;
  2. You're within 5-ish kilos of 85 kg; and
  3. You're in the DFW area and have a ring we could spar in (or can get one).

Otherwise, I'm not too fussed about it. Gender isn't important. I'm ready go as hard as you are, whether you're looking for a light spar or practically a full fight. And, I'd prefer to use headgear, but if you don't wanna, it's fine. And, hell, don't have gloves? I've got a decent pair you can borrow, along with some (admittedly tattered) handwraps.

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