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Adventures in Conlanging - Electronic Cataloguing

Posted 06 December 2020

I like conlanging. Quite a bit, actually. To date, I've worked on no fewer than 7, with a few more that never quite got past the phonology and maybe some very basic grammar bits. Most of this has been done on paper, with notebooks upon notebooks dedicated to various conlangs I've worked on at various points in time. But writing dictionaries on paper can be... inconvenient, to say the least. It can be difficult to find a given word, figure out how similar a word is to an existing word, alphabetize things, or add stuff to an entry after adding others after it. So, for this reason, I prefer to do digital cataloguing. What follows here is some of the various systems I've used and my thoughts on them.

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Keywords: Adventures in Conlanging, Language, Software

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